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Alyssia's Cakery

Please remember turn around time for small orders will be at least 24 hours. Large orders need to be placed a week in advance unless further discussed with owner.

Pricing is  based on supplies, time, delivery, and many other important qualities that go into making a beautiful and delicious order. if you have any questions please free feel to

email or message us in the chat box response time is 2 hrs or less!

Thank you for your support!


Customer Care

We strive to make great products for our customers. While response time may be slower, due to smaller staff quantity, every question will be answered directly by the owner ASAP. If any urgent questions pop up the best way to reach me will be through the website in the chat box, or submit a request through our Bakesy site.


While I do not mind any questions about my pricing, pricing will not change from person to person. ​

Before starting this business we made our homemade signature recipes, cake signature frostings, and more; There has been years of dedication and hard-work that went into our homemade cakes and cupcakes and the materials are certified and delicious. Therefore, I will not change my pricing as I produce products that are beautiful, tasty, and a great centerpiece for any event. 

Food safety 

New Mexico is a great state for small business owners giving people such as myself an opportunity to share their creativity locally. While my cupcakes and cakes are produced at home and they will be exempt from state licensing and inspection, I do take every pre-caution to make sure the food I am producing is safe and free of any contaminants. I also have a food handlers license as I have worked in many commercial kitchens. Every item that comes out of my kitchen will be one handled with the utmost care and respect.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments (Venmo, Cash-app, or        Apple pay)

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